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African Bird Beanies

by Inge & Jutta from FRENSCH Design!


WE fell in LOVE!

We, the sisters Jutta and Inge - originally from Germany - fell in love 15 years ago, with the roaring oceans, the majestic mountains, the windy beaches, the beautiful people and the amazing wildlife of AFRICA. Since we run a travel agency in Cape Town for more than a decade we have been in the remarkably fortunate position of being able to take our friends and guests on exclusive Safari trips to show them the endless wonders of the southern African wilderness. Nothing can prepare one for this untamed, primal beauty – and no attempt to put the experience into words can do it justice. The endless plains, variety of animals, magic sunsets and diverse sounds of nature by day or night – all eluded our verbal definition!

Inspired by the amazing colors of African birds, we came up with the idea of encapsulating this magical beauty in something tangible to take home. Our "Cape Town Beanies" were born! The beanies reflect the splendid plumage of our favourite African birds: the colorful "Lilac Breasted Roller", the bright orange African Hoopoe with black and white striped wings and the gloriously green "Knysna Lourie" with its red eyes - to name just a few. Click here to have a look at our different bird beanies!


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Crocheting for Charity!

Every Beanie is unique and HANDMADE in Cape Town. Talented local women are helping us to crochet the beanies and together we can realize the project "Cape Town Beanies" in aid of our adoptive kids' education. Of course, each artist earns a percentage of the returns and we are hoping, further down the line, to extend support for our existing charity Positive about South Africa to help provide more and more educational opportunities and assistance for South African children in need.


We would like to thank everyone who is supporting Cape Town Beanies and we hope that you enjoy our project as much as we do!

Yours, Inge & Jutta